my 500km Hippie-hike
-a travel journal-

I was running from technology, searching for pure nature, silence & wilderness.
my direction was: going south, to the former world's end*,
equipped with just a backpack, water and some food.
the sun & an old paper map lead me, the coast & the sea were my companions,
the only people I've met were some fishermen.
after approx. 300km lonliness I hiked at night, got lost, wandered for a few days with almost no water - scary, but mindblowing, wonderful, beautiful.
and a magic always walked with me, a magic I didn't knew before, I couldn't believe it.
within these landscapes I often felt like I'm on a shamanistic Peyote-trip,
I could almost see my Nagual, got goosebumped after each cutting edge,
took breathtaking paths & views, slept each night on top of the hills,
under the stars, felt a freedom I never felt before and found true spirit in this nature.

then I discovered a secret hippie-beach.
that place changed a lot. changed me. changed my way.
here you could feel the universe's energy rays everywhere.
I never saw (better: felt!) a place like this before... my heart goes *boomboom*
due to I now know there still are (hidden) places for the free people,
for the open minded people, for the outlaws.
the hippies realised that I came all this way just by feet, so they instantly called me 'Django' or 'Don Juan Matus' (fun fact: before I met these guys I always tried to walk
the "Yaqui Way of Knowledge" and to catch the "Power of Silence" **).
at this point Zora found me - yoga-teacher from Kazakhstan and - blessed with magic.
from here we walked together to the world's end.
in the morning hours we had yoga-sessions, then hiking all day into the sunset -
and what should I say? - magic always walked on our side.
after 7 nights I then headed north, she went south. both of us with a sigh of bliss.
bliss. bliss. bliss.

now my last goal was reaching Évora - to find some cultural input -
which I indeed found there.

at the very end of this journey I've hiked approx. 500km within 22 days
and I truely found what I was searching for. even more. way more!

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