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Day 154 of 365 – BLACK AND WHITE

The whole purpose for this shot was to get some really cool “bokeh” in the background. Bokeh? “What is this bokeh word you speak of?” It’s the blurry stuff you see in the background of images; or foreground for that matter. The light’s, the sparkles, the ambiance that makes images look really cool. Most pronounce it BOKE-A when actually it’s pronounced(bo-kãy). It derives from the Japanese word “boke” which means “BLUR” or “HAZE”. Now go out and make your own cool Boke!


On another note, I had a car full of kids drive up when I was taking this shot. I could tell by the way they asked the question, “Why are you taking a picture of a shirt (that would be BOB) that they were “trying” to be funny. As I approached their car I explained to them what I was “ACTUALLY” doing and then explained to them WHY. As I went further into the details, there attitudes seemed to change and they actually seemed genuinely interested. Perhaps I got at least one of them thinking! Either way I went on with my shoot, and here you have it!


Setup Shot: www.flickr.com/photos/grizzelle/5052997195/in/photostream/

Strobist INFO:

Shutter Speed 1/30

Aperture 1.8

ISO 100

Lens – Canon 50 mm

Focal Length 50mm

White Bal – Flash Sync

580exII at 16 power with 32’’ shoot thru umbrella approx 6ft from subject

580exII at 1/16 power (bare) 10 ft from subject right (camera left)

Late Evening 10:10pm

Subject – The Joker


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Taken on September 11, 2010