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266/365 - LIL' MISHAP | by Arieseffects
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266/365 - LIL' MISHAP

Day 266 of the 365 Journey

Voice of Joey:

“HI! My name is Joey! I’m almost two years old! Everyone treats me like I’m still a little baby kitten but I’m a 16 lb CAT. I’ve grown up with a Rottweiler and German Sheppard, so I’ve learned to hold my own at an early age. Anyways so last night when my dad was playing with marbles and fishing line, I couldn’t help but wonder what exactly he was doing. It looked like worlds of fun. There was glue, shiny marbles, and LOT’s of clear curly string. When dad went to sleep, I climbed up on to the couch and had a blast. I had marbles everywhere I tell ya! I’m still surprised I managed to get out of the tangled ball of twine before my dad came down in the morning and wondered where all of his marbles were. I ran in to my house, and I heard him yell something about the shot being ruined. I don’t know what he was talking about; I make for a perfect shot right?!


Man….I’m just so cute! (Probably lucky for me!)”


Yea, that’s right; Joey; my 16 lb cat; destroyed all but one of the marble pieces for the days shot. We’ll try this again…..TOMORROW. Don’t worry those tickets are still good!


Strobist INFO:

Shutter Speed 1/80

Aperture 3.5

ISO 100

Lens – Tamron 28/70

Focal Length – 42mm

White Bal – AUTO

Setup time: 15 min setup light, camera and pour out the bag of marbles.

Flashpoint Monolight 1220 at 1/16 power with 45’’ shoot thru umbrella approx 4 ft from subject (45 degree angle)

Flashpoint Monolight 1820 at 1/16 power with 45’’ shoot thru umbrella approx 5 ft from subject (45 degree angle)

Lights and camera shutter release triggered via Pocket Wizard’s


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Taken on November 4, 2009