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205/365 - BLUE MOON | by Arieseffects
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205/365 - BLUE MOON

Day 205 of the 365 Journey

Day 7 of the NATURAL LIGHT challenge. (IT’s OVER!)

Ok I have to say that the NATURAL LIGHT challenge was in fact that….a challenge. Not because I don’t like to shoot without strobes, but because I had to shoot with natural light…..the sun OR the moon, nothing in between. I wasn’t allowed to shoot with ANY artificial light what so ever. No lamps, porch lights, street lights, pool lights, flash lights, LED, car lights, oven light…..NOTHING!!! WTH I was I thinking?! The next time I attempt something like that I’ll be sure to specify AVAILABLE light. THERE’S A BIG FREEKIN DIFFERENCE! There were TWO nights that I had to wait for my neighbor to turn off her porch light because it was screwing up my NATURAL LIGHT shot! OMG…..hence the shot at 11:16 at night! Bottom line, I pushed myself to play with and try a lot of things I may not have confronted before.


Thank you to EVERYONE that showed your support during this challenge. At one point I seriously debated quitting the natural light challenge and setting up the strobes. Thank you for keeping me on track! You guys rock!!!!


Next challenge?! Any ideas?


Technical INFO:

Shutter Speed 1/120

Aperture 1.8

ISO 250

Lens – Canon 50mm Prime

Focal Length –50mm

White Bal – CUSTOM

Setup time: 5 mins…..Taking finding a spot

Tripod approx 2.5 ft from subject

Natural light coming from the bathroom at 5:26 PM. The blue color was due to the light balance in the bedroom. After a test shot, I liked it so I kept it. Minus the title, black border and minor contrast, this was SOC.


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Taken on September 4, 2009