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Aura & Illusory Close out (retirement) Sale! | by Tyr (Grommit)
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Aura & Illusory Close out (retirement) Sale!

Hey so, yesterday I mentioned that I had news for everyone and I had been kind of weighing heavily on how to bring it up.


I was worried if I went about it the wrong way, you guys would go OH GOD ANOTHER REBRAND. I swear to you! This is not a rebrand!


Long story short Ive known Ivy Graves (crushed clarity, owner of Illusory/atomic), for over 2 years now. In Sl, I would say aside from the #1 in my life Devun, shes the closest person to me. We've talked for a long time, years even about doing things together. Many many times over we've discussed doing stores together but they always just stayed ideas. But recently, in the last 2 months we started chewing away at the idea of bringing Illusory and Aura together under one roof. I love working with her and we've always bounced ideas off one another. We wouldnt be changing style, and what you've come to love about each of our brands would stay, including most of the items! Illusory skins will be available at fusion, all of my mesh will be at fusion, the only difference is future work will be more collabrative and we'll be under one roof working together! I really hope you guys are as excited as I am because I have to tell you, Ivy is the bees knees and as for creating in sl? This is what I am most excited about.


So what does this mean for you guys? Also what does this mean for VIPers? So in the current time frame we're picking things we're going to retire or otherwise alter to put out this weekend until fusions open @ Illusory for 50% off. There are a few items in store I had planned to phase out (and you can see a bit of me talking about it in prior posts) and I feel this is the best time to do that.


V.I.Pers in the Aura group. STAY IN GROUP. But also, make group space. We are going to fuse the two groups together, by making a new VIP group (seperate). It will be FREE to join until fusion opens later this summer. Once the store is open the group price (that I have for aura) will go into effect. UNTIL THEN, stay in the aura group, because I will still be doing releases this summer, for VIP in store. We thought this would be the best way to not inconveniece any of you, and there would be months still ahead to have time to join the group <3


P.s. if you have any questions feel free to mail me on flickr or drop me an IM in world :)



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Uploaded on June 28, 2012