Las Brisas #1 Stove, Filter and Gardening Projects
Las Brisas #1 was chosen to participate in a project to build and install 29 EcoStoves, thanks to financing from Interact of Woodstock, VT, a youth subsidiary of Woodstock Rotary. Vega Gullette was part of the work crew.

The stoves have five components: bottom slab ("plancheta"); top slab ("quemadora") with holes for two pots and a third hole for the chimney; the legs, home-made blocks with wrapped plastic bottles inside; the home-made Compressed Earth Blocks to separate the layers; and the chimney, beginning with cement tubes and finishing with zinc tubes.

Then the Simmons CollegePre-Public Health group came and helped villagers assemble an equal number of smaller BioSand Filters, called "Filtritos."
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