Filters and Stoves 2014
Having for years built our EcoStoves and BioSand Filters in one of our workshops in San Juan del Sur, We decided this year to move our operations out to the recipient communities themselves--in this case to the Casa Comunal in Bernardino Ochoa, between Papaturro and Coyolito, so that folks from all three communities can come in and work on fabricating the stoves and filters that will sooner or later be installed in their homes. As you can see from the pix, the stoves are painstakingly built. As for the filters, we got the basic materials-- the 10" tubes and smaller pipes--from CAPSA in Managua. Director Juan Brinquis, who sold us our materials last year, has donated all the PVC we need for 2014!
Fidel Pavon is directing EcoStove production, and Dennis st. John and Antonia Mendoza are overseeing filter fabrication. (Dennis designed the lightweight, inexpensive PVC BSFs, as well as the cylindrical sifter you'll see hard at work separating fine volcanic sand from heavier sand and gravel.)
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