Green Preschool Shorter Version
In the first weeks of 2012 we began work on our second "Green Preschool," this time in the village of San Antonio de Baston. What you see here are villagers and volunteers gathering and sifting clay and sand for use in the Compressed Earth Block press (those chocolate-colored big bricks); de-barking tree trunks for the pillars and rafters; digging foundation and setting volcanic quarry stone; putting posts in place; digging out dreadful sonseguite (expanding clay); getting fill rubble from Mayor's Office; assembling beam structure; putting up roof; laying blocks; sifting "cal" (powdered limestone) for one of our two versions of homemade mortar (cal and sand--the other being just clay and sand); putting on the final stucco; cutting bamboo for the shutters. The set ends with photos of the Comedor (Lunchroom) built after the Preschool (there it is in the background, painted blue and white), financed by the Union Church of Waban and Lasell College "Shoulder to Shoulder." The Comedor also uses "green" materials.
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