A project to make our own bricks and then fabricate seven eco-stoves. The pix of stoves already working are from those we built last year in Boca de la Montaña, the next village over to the west of Cebadilla.
What you see in this album is folks making Compressed Earth Blocks with our yellow press we call "La Guis," then the building of a base ("cajon") on which the actual stove gets built. The materials are simply sifted clay-rich earth mixed with some sifted dried horse manure (as a"binder"). The only manufactured materials we use are a few feet of 3/8" iron rebar which hold the two circles of the burners (this is imbedded in the clay mix) and a little cement to make tubes for the first section of the chimney--which would burn out within a year if it were only made of sheet metal.
We make the clay+manure mix in a big metal tub or "tina" which we have named "America." That is, "la tina America," or "America la tina."
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