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    UPDATE 7-28-2009 Deanna's Mom, Katherine Cremin has received some more New information last week on her daughter's unsolved murder case. The Somerville Police and Detectives are working very hard, as well as the Middlesex County District Attorney's office to solve this....they are very, very close.

    If you remember ANYthing about Deanna Cremin and/or the night of March 29, 1995 behind the elderly housing project at 125 Jaques Street, Somerville, Massachusetts, Please get in touch with the Somerville Police at: 617-625-1600. If you know anyone from the Somerville/Boston, MA area, please have them read this too. The reward is still available, and the tiny bit of info you provide could be the key.

    See my last comment for Boston Herald Newspaper articles past and present on Deanna Cremin's murder investigation. Thank you very, very much!!

    There is NEW information in Deanna's murder case. Please read my comment and if you could copy it and send the information to anyone who lives in Somerville, Massachusetts or the surrounding area.

    Thank you so much. They need anyone's help.

    YouTube • A Mother's Quest for Justice
    Katherine Cremin' s Quest for resolution (07-27-2006)

    YouTube • $20,000.00 Reward!
    For the assistance in the conviction of Deanna's killer.

    Justice For Deanna Petition • Please sign, thank you.

    Justice For Deanna • MySpace Group

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    1. gwennie2006 ages ago | reply

      The following is from the private investigator, Suzanne McComas of ZZ Agency LLC, New York, who is working on Deanna Cremin's murder case:

      If you lived in Somerville Massachusetts during the 90's, or know someone who did, please forward this to them. Particularly 1995.

      Please also keep in mind that there is still a reward being offered. You could be the key to this!! Suzanne McComas is looking for people who may have had contact with a man by the name of Antonio Dadalto in the 1990's.

      Antonio Dadalto aka: Tony aka: Vinny-No-Shoes.

      Many people, mostly females, had "some" contact with him. He liked to cruise around Somerville and offer young girls rides. He would then coax them to his apartment where he would often times ask girls to take off their shoes.(hence the name Vinny-no-shoes). He would sometimes have girls jump up and down on damp towels. I even recall hearing of a party Dadalto hosted in which local teen males attended and a door got broken. He was known to cruise the Winter Hill, Somerville High, and Assembly Square Mall areas among others.

      Do any of you know of any contact Deanna may have had with this man?

      Listen, please don't be afraid to come forward. We are running out of time. Every bit of information helps. This man is an extremely dangerous sex offender . He is due to be released from prison in September 2007. He has been serving time for sexual assualt and attempted murder since the summer of 1995 (The summer of the year Deanna was murdered). He is from Brazil, although many thought he was Italian, and may flee the country and never be heard from again.

      Please forward any and all information via myspace message to Suzanne McComas ZZ Agency LLC, New York or you can email her at or call her @ 518-673-3632.

      Thank you!

      Media Links | Deanna Cremin's unsolved murder, Somerville MA

      Boston Herald | Deanna Cremin articles | Articles on Deanna Cremin murder. Somerville, MA

      Video: Fox25 News | Justice for Deanna Cremin | Unsolved:Justice For Deana Cremin. Fox25 News' Bob Ward, gives detail accounts of what took place the night of March 29, 1995. Advances in forensic detective work has allowed for more evidence to surface.

      "We are hopeful with the advances in forensic evidence....We also need some witness information on this case.."
      Martha Coakley
      , Middlesex County District Attorney

      Please, if you know anyone from the Boston/Somerville, MA area, have them see this information. There is still a $20,000.00 dollar reward for anyone who provides information in to the conviction of Deanna's killer.

      March for Justice...callin' all you Angels.
      from FriendsOfDeanna at YouTube:
      Video: March for Justice at YouTube

      ... the flickr slideshow of that set:

      ...the high resolution stairway2heaven |

    2. • BruinsFan • ages ago | reply

      I do hope justice comes soon.
      Is it okay to copy and repost the photo?

    3. gwennie2006 ages ago | reply

      Yes!!...please do. Use the "original" size from the "all sizes" button above the photo. Thanks again HiltonFan!!

    4. gwennie2006 ages ago | reply

      Please Help!
      Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation for Creative Learning
      @ • Fall 2007

      Stairway to Heaven...

    5. gwennie2006 109 months ago | reply

      A Mother's Quest for Justice...July 27, 2006.
      from JusticeforDeanna at YouTube:
      A Mother's Quest for Justice!, on YouTube

      Here are the Newspaper articles......
      Boston Herald | Deanna Cremin articles | Articles on Deanna Cremin murder. Somerville, MA

      From 1995......
      Deanna Cremin murder | Anguish drives Mom's quest for killer... Deanna Cremin murder | Victim Loved to work with kids...

      Deanna Cremin murder | 17 year-old's slaying leaves Classmates stunned, sobbing... Deanna Cremin murder | Everybody Loved her, Somerville is Shocked...

      More recent articles (from 2005)...
      Deanna Cremin murder | Teen's unsolved murder weighs heavily on Mom... Deanna Cremin murder | Billboard touts Reward! in slay probe...

      ...Just click the thumbnails to see the full size article.
      Thank you all again very much!

    6. Scott Kasper Photography 109 months ago | reply

      Gwen - this is such a large universe, but such a small world...I used to live in Malden and worked as a paramedic in Revere and Somerville and know this story well!! My thoughts and prayers are with Deanna and her family!

      Seen on your photo stream. (?)

    7. gwennie2006 109 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much for your kind words skasper!! ...and yes, My Goodness, what a small world this really is. I lived for years on Ridge Rd in Revere and then onto the hill at Reservoir Ave.

      Thank you again so much. Your thoughts and prayers mean the world to the Cremin family.

    8. • BruinsFan • 107 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called GrfxDziner • All things Photo/Graphic, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    9. GoMolly! 106 months ago | reply

      Part of the
      Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation...
      Project | Jefferson Helicopter:


      screenRabbit2 screenRabbit3 screenRabbit4

      from the Animation Station | Zoom, Zoom, Zooma, Zoom!

      ...qwikLoadr™ video..
      Plain White T's HQ | Hey There, Delilah • YouTube™

      Examples | Feather Model Project •
      search | DC Haight Ashbury Winterland •

      Automatic Download of 8-Page tutorial in .PDF format:
      Introduction | the Power of Art | 44 MB PDF file •

      We have added links throughout the PDF files, so it will be more helpful to you.
      pages 11 & 12 - gwennie2006's the Power Art... | function3 | function2A ohhBaby | Guess
      Bill Graham Memorial Foundation

      Bill Graham | Rock 'n Roll Hall of Fame • Bill Graham | Wikipedia

      the Bill Graham portion of gwennie2006's - Power of Art... | power of art - intro3A | power of art - intro3B | power of art - intro3C

    10. kasea658 106 months ago | reply

      Hi, I am Katherine Cremin. I am Deanna Cremin's mom. First and foremost I want to express my utmost gratitude to Doug aka GrfxDziner for all the time and dedication he has put into the Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation for Creative Learning. I also want to thank Hilton Fan for his support. And all of you who have taken the time to participate and enhance the remarkable work posted on Flickr. To anyone who copies, pastes, embellishes and posts photos and articles about my daughter I am overwhelmed. My heartbreak will never lessen, my hope will never die. There will be Justice for Deanna. My hope and goal is to reveal the person who took her away from our family and friends and brought a community to a horrible realization that evil lurks anywhere. It has been almost fifteen years now and I believe the dedicated investigators are not only relentless but optimistic about resolution. The person who murdered my daughter must be caught. Any exposure of this story is helpful I am sure. It is to me, my family and all who knew and loved her. Some who didn't even know her until after her murder. This foundation helps to keep her spirit alive. Her name and life never to be forgotten. When I look through the photos on this site, I am somewhat comforted and saddened at the same time. I will remain active and hopeful that this torment of not knowing is soon resolved. It will be a hollow victory, for it will not bring her back. Her spirit will never be forgotten. Thank you so much to everyone and anyone who has given even a moment of their time to support and participate in this wonderful dedication to my daughter. Sincerely, Katherine Cremin

    11. gwennie2006 104 months ago | reply

      Katherine, you are so very kind. I truly wish you and your family a Happy and Peaceful Holiday season.

      Deanna Cremin Memorial Foundation: | Christmas Carol for Deanna Cremin...

      I think of you often. Thank you again so very much!
      With all my love,

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