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sad cat diary | by greyloch
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sad cat diary

We were baby-sitting my mother-in-law's cat (Lucy) for a week or so. She found a box, crawled inside it, and was just the most pitiful - yet cute - cat ever.


She stayed perfectly still and let me set up my camera about one foot away from her. This particular photo was taken on the high-speed sports setting with a ½ second exposure. She also held still for other pics with a 15 second exposure but I liked this picture the best of the bunch.


UPDATE: Great googly-moogly! Lucy is very popular. I've found her image on the following sites:


Pet 360's article, 10 Ways to Unknowingly Crush Your Cat's Spirit. Pinterest also reprinted this article with Lucy's image.


Pet crematorium in Jaén, Spain.


Japanese article on using a cat to find wi-fi hot spots for hacking.


The Irish Mirror's To celebrate International Cat Day here's 8 fascinating facts about felines


Japanese article on three theories why cats like boxes so much.


Russian (can't find it at the moment)


Coops and Cages (Australian pet site) History of our domestic cats


A French on-line religious reformation magazine, Réforme, contacted me to use Lucy in their article Quels sont nos chats? ("What are our cats?") (story about using cat symbology by an elderly Abbot)


A random Tweet. No, scratch that, I found her on multiple Twitter and Pinterest feeds.


Tumblr's Sad Meta Kitty page


An article - I wish I was making this up - on the detrimental effects of scaring your cat with a cucumber. WTF? o.O??


A newer article (10/10/2017) from a Mexican blogger about Depression in Pets.


I found 10 pages of hits off of Google's reverse image search engine. Maybe I should think about marketing Lucy's image?


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Taken on July 27, 2014