• Originally set a a lower setting, this is now at a level that I can use while standing.
  • This shelve was originally around where the larger shelve is currently. Now it serves as a place for the network, printer, and power-strips.
  • Dell laptop, which is the system I use for the majority of online communications.
  • Since the laptop is now off of the secondary desk, and on the high shelve of the workstation, I had to add a keyboard and mouse for ease of use.
  • Keyboard and mouse for my work system.
  • Main work system monitor. I run a dual monitor setup, which makes for a better workflow.
  • Repurposed Mac monitor for use as my secondary work monitor.
  • Work system is a Dell. Yes, I use a PC for graphics and design work. Cheaper and runs just as good, if not better, than most Macs. It sits on a mount that's also from Ikea. I had to drill holes into the counter top, then I simply bolted it in.
  • Backup hard drive.
  • Network.
  • Epson R300 printer. I've had this for almost 10 years and it has yet to fail me. I use it for all of my art prints, and it has been a workhorse.
  • This shelve was originally at the very top level. I moved it a few slots down to accommodated the monitors and laptop to be at a viewable hight.
  • Epson scanner.
  • The Guard Bat.
  • System speakers mounted to workstation's supports.


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The rearranged workstations which will allow me to stand while working instead of sitting, which I had done a lot. The workstation itself is the ever popular FREDRIK computer workstation manufactured by Ikea. Notes have been added to this photo describing various thing.

  1. Gconda 51 months ago | reply

    how did you get the PC to mount on the side like the jerker desk ?

  2. grendelsden 44 months ago | reply

    Sorry for not even noticing the post. I'm so frigging observant. But, to answer your question; I drilled holes into the counter top based on the mounting holes of the system bracket. I then simply bolted it in.

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