red white and blue

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    This is something my father makes every Independence Day, which he calls "red white and blue". It consists of layers of strawberries and blueberries suspended in whipped cream. Generally we add something to the whipped cream--which doesn't work if it comes from the can; you have to whip it yourself--to make it taste exciting (was it vanilla? brandy? I have no idea), and soak the strawberries in brandy before putting it together.

    It sounds very alcoholic, but the total amount in it is less than half a shot for each serving. I have no idea where my father got the idea for it, but we've been making it every Fourth for a number of years now.


    1. Jeff Buchbinder 94 months ago | reply

      I don't remember it looking that put together, but then again, we were halfway through the container before I got a chance to look at the presentation. I guess that's the hazard of it tasting so damn good.

    2. Universal Stopping Point 93 months ago | reply

      The blueberries don't look soaked.

      Also, it looks more appetizing than it sounds to me. Must have been the 'only whip cream' part. Maybe I wanted something creamcheesey...or custardy? I don't know.

      Good pic too.

    3. grendelkhan 92 months ago | reply

      The whipped cream is quite tasty--honest, the brandy makes it good--and the fruit is in there thickly enough that you won't just be eating it by itself.

      Also, the blueberries aren't soaked; it's just the strawberries that are, and only those on the lower layers. If I'm ever in your vicinity for a vaguely patriotic occasion (I suppose it works for Bastille Day too), I'll make you a batch.

      Except you're vegan. Well, I'm sure that a vegan equivalent could be prepared. It'd be an interestng challenge.

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