Greg with Bill Clinton

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Note the "George Bush doesn't care about black people" t-shirt, courtesy of Mule Design.

Thanks to Pete Selfridge for giving me the opportunity to meet Bill Clinton.

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  1. Mike Monteiro 96 months ago | reply


    For the record, I think Democrats are asshats. I don't belong to a party.

    We shouldn't base wars on "common perception" but on defensible research and intelligence, and then only as a last resort. The research we had was flimsy, by no means had we exhausted all other means. Our gov't was itching for this war.

    As for New Orleans, FEMA is a national organization. The "F" is supposed to be for 'federal' (although that could be debated). It is FEMA's job to step into large-scale emergencies and provide basic needs and assistance. GWB appointed a horse-trainer to head FEMA. They were ill-prepared, and that starts at the top.

  2. TexasAg03 96 months ago | reply

    FEMA, and others, had trailers full of supplies which were not allowed in initially and no one can explain why. As far as the FEMA head goes, many times, political appointees are not fully qualified for the position. It has happened with virtually every president recently. That is no excuse, but that is the way it is. Of course, there is the fact that congress approved his appointment (I think it was unanimous).

    You hit the nail on the head about the Democrats (I would apply that description to many Republicans as well - they are politicians).

    Bottom line, the Mayor and Governor were not prepared and would not ask for help until it was too late. By the time they did, it looked like the President was at fault.

    I think the best example to describe the incompetence in Louisiana was when Governor Blanco was shown a picture of school buses (I think there were several hundred?) under water in the parking lot. She was asked why they were not used to evacuate people. Her response was that they couldn't have been used since they were under water!! The interviewer pointed out that they were not under water before the hurricane, but she persisted with her explanation. Complete morons.

    That is all I am saying on this. We have hijacked these comments, and I apologize to the owner and for the "stupid shirt" comment. It was out of line. However, I still think the quote on the shirt is way out of line as well.

  3. Mike Monteiro 96 months ago | reply

    There is absolutely no need to apologize. I am proud of living in a country where this kind of spirited debate is allowed, where people are free to make shirts that are out of line, and others are free to voice their displeasure at that shirt.

    I think in the end we're both just Americans doin' what Americans do best, Tex: expressing their freedom.

  4. TexasAg03 96 months ago | reply

    Very true...

  5. milkcrate 96 months ago | reply

    yea greg! how dare you wear a FEMA sucks shirt with Mayor Nagin standing right there. you should be ashamed...or something.

  6. Seven Morris 96 months ago | reply

    WMDs are such a perfect reason to deliver good old American-style shock and awe to a country. Thank GOD WMDs are so rare in this world!

  7. Dutch Girl 96 months ago | reply

    I heart you greg veen. Pretty perfected played indeed.

  8. acksynfin 96 months ago | reply

    Village of the damned with the eyes. Nice red shift going there in this one Greg. Looks like a surreal cover for Black Sabbath album.

  9. ynwa 96 months ago | reply

    i smell wooness here! if i had a sister, would you marry her? :) uh oh.. i do have a sister!!

  10. escottf 96 months ago | reply

    Is Bill Clinton turning into Ted Kennedy?

  11. Jazmin Redes 96 months ago | reply


  12. Brian Oberkirch 96 months ago | reply

    Dear Tex: I live in a town that was 80% destroyed by the storm, so your parroting of rote talk show truisms about what happened in South Louisiana a year and a half ago sets off an intense chemical reaction, starting in the heart and eventually overwhelming the brain. If you really think that the fact that NOLA is a poor, black, Democratic, politically weakened town had nothing to do with the severely delayed rescue of babies, old folks and other suffering souls at the convention center, then have I got some below sea level property for *you*. Since you evince faith in the Corps of Engineers and FEMA, you won't mind that the levees still aren't repaired to category 3 levels, nor that one of the breaches that so devestated the city was caused by category 1 conditions. Please act fast, hurricane season is less than 60 days away and it's increasingly harder to track down the actual owners of property here. Operators are standing by. Call within the hour and we'll throw in a govt issued trailer. Hardly used.

  13. misswilloughby 96 months ago | reply

    speech, speech! all these comments, but what's the story? did bill grok your msg? did you recruit him onto twttr?

  14. dgarlits 94 months ago | reply

    "So we will pursue a long-term strategy to contain Iraq and its weapons of mass destruction and work toward the day when Iraq has a government worthy of its people."

    - Bill Clinton on the eve of Operation Desert Fox, 1998

  15. italianfeetman 92 months ago | reply

    Clinton is a prevert.

  16. bOnttoN 91 months ago | reply

    I'm proud to I invite you (and this picture) to my group -->

  17. MarkInKyoto 86 months ago | reply

    Would you add this photograph to POTUS & Me? Many thanks, MarkInKyoto. Here's the group:

  18. j3sse 83 months ago | reply

    this is perhaps one of the coolest pictures i've seen in awhile. i'd put it up there with the doctored picture of anton levay and john kerry


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