Shopping Malls
This set is comprised of my documentary work of near-empty shopping malls, abandoned buildings, and other places that are slowly fading away with time. My main inspiration for this project is the use of space in films like "The Shining" and "Twin Peaks". Another inspiration for me is the work of photographer Paul Shambroom.

And of course, the long lost shopping mall Apache Plaza, the mall I grew up with in St. Anthony, MN.

Apache Plaza was the second indoor shopping mall built in Minnesota and was quite unique and visionary in its design. After a tornado struck in the 1980's Apache Plaza was never the same. Dwindling tenants and other, larger malls marked a slow death for Apache.

By the 1990's Apache Plaza had become a surreal place. It had ceased to really be a viable shopping center and instead felt like more of relic that harkened back to a much different era.

Sadly, I never got around to taking any photographs of it while it was still around. Thank goodness for
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