Toco Toucan (ramphastos toco)

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    Description: Largest member of the toucan family; Mostly black with white throat and upper tail coverts; Undertail coverts red; Large, high keeled bill red-orange with black spot on tip.

    Diet: Feeds primarily on soft fruits, but often eats insects and small reptiles; Will opportunistically feed on nestling birds and eggs.

    Habitat: Found in riverine and costal edges of forests.

    Status and conservation: Although they are not endangered, Toco toucan habitat is rapidly disappearing. Toco toucans are also hunted extensively for the pet trade. These delicate birds are difficult to care for and many die in transit or shortly after captivity.

    Did you know... Toucans nest in narrow, hollow logs. The chicks hatch after about 16 days of incubation. Newly hatched chicks are completely naked and pink with a small pointed beak. They are fed by both parent and usually fledge from the next after about 43 days.

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    1. rvaldeabella 8 months ago | reply

      Fantastic creation

    2. daneelgrizzle 8 months ago | reply

      I think its an exquisite animal :)

    3. sulartono04 8 months ago | reply

      Bagus and OK

    4. joeyjones99 8 months ago | reply

      Whats up guys

    5. joeyjones99 8 months ago | reply

      What going on

    6. joeyjones99 8 months ago | reply

      Why are you guys not talking

    7. hemenozelders 7 months ago | reply

      ozel ders, ozel ders ilanlari

    8. marcosflorez1 7 months ago | reply

      Me gusta cuidar el medio hambiente por eso elijo al tucan

    9. anitacruzcruz 7 months ago | reply

      jajjajajjajajajajjajaj w

    10. stevenlavongreen 6 months ago | reply

      Ele casda fel' jaja

    11. stevenlavongreen 6 months ago | reply

      I know it's nice.

    12. azure_czar 6 months ago | reply

      Uhm...ini dimana ya? #tersesat

    13. venice0612 6 months ago | reply

      ..i want to see that in person

    14. Aluna Maria Xue 5 months ago | reply

      So you say from St. Augustine? I spend part of the year in Jupiter, FL. What a lovely area. This picture is very beautiful reminds me of one i took of parrot in WPB, FL. Same colors.

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