Eileen Scares Us
My beloved got run through the wringer last week (end of Feb, 2008). She got the same cough/cold as everyone else in town, but with a splitting headache. After a week (of toughing it out per her usual ways - going to work, taking the kids to the Slightly Stoopid concert, shopping...), she went to the doc, whose assistant said, "let's treat it as a sinus infection; if you're not better in 3 days, come back."

She came back, got sent to radiology to get scanned, and got sent to the hospital with a blood clot 100% blocking her internal carotid artery.

Thanks to her supreme health and bad-ass constitution, and a textbook Circle of Willis, she kept on pumping good fresh blood to her brain and didn't stroke out or die.

A zillion tests later, her hematologists found no underlying blood disorders, and her amazing neurologist discovered she had a dissected carotid artery. Most likely the result of her violent coughing the week before! Or from the pressure of the possibly migraine headache - I'm a little confused about the cart and the horse here. Her neurologist wrote an interesting article about the effects and potential causes of carotid dissection.

She came home today (March 7), basically unharmed. The clot will dissolve and the artery will repair itself. She's on blood thinners for a year and will be monitored heavily. She's not allowed to do her boxing workouts for the time being.
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