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Nature Reserve SOOS is located in Karlovy Vary region, approximately 6 km from Frantiskovy Lazne. This is a unique nature reserve, which springs mineral springs, is located here and so-called mofettes peat, or mud volcanoes. The specialty is called diatomaceous earth - it is a layer of soil with high salt content, which is toxic to vegetation. Nature Reserve SOOS founded in 1964 and covers an area of 221 hectares. Nature Reserve SOOS Visitors may visit only a small part of this area (approximately 1.2 km). Tourists are allowed to move only on marked roads (some roads leading up the wooden chodníčkách). Nature Reserve SOOS offers its visitors a unique understanding of the landscape, whom he never meet again in Europe. Tourists walk near you can read about how this area was interesting and what they can see here.


Given that the peat is Nature Reserve SOOS, so there is a specific vegetation. Visitors will see the Imperial Nature Reserve SOOS source which has a constant temperature of 14 to 18 degrees Celsius. Mofettes are very interesting, it is a fact that the mud bubbling carbon dioxide. If Nature Reserve SOOS visitors will visit the area in the dry summer, meet with the arid landscape, which will be dominated by white and yellow soil.




Mysterious and silent place with unusual sights, located close to towns of Karlovy Vary and Cheb; it's a small area but definitely worth visiting because of this geothermal phenomenons not that commonly found in continental Europe.

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Taken on April 14, 2012