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The bosom of nature (the red hills, Isle of Skye)

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this was the view 200m behind our B&B, an other morning without sunrise, but the heavy rain stops. Somehow the rain photography is tiring. Especially in combination with strong winds gives the drops on the front lens work. A lens wiper would certainly be an invention. Fortunately, there are also times rain breaks. This photo was taken at such a moment. I was a little out of breath, which had the mood to be exploited and I saw the two boulders in the race. The two boulders I saw as a perfect foreground. The design was intuitive, because I had little time. I hope I was able to catch the soft light on the meadow, also a brightening showed up in the valley between the hills.

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  1. gregor H 45 months ago | reply

    here my portfolio

  2. Lightspectral 45 months ago | reply

    Was für eine wunderbare LIchtstimmung...
    ich mag dieses Grüntöne so sehr!

  3. Rolf Enderes 45 months ago | reply

    Das grün und die Landschaftsformen, für die ich Schottland so liebe. Immer wieder faszinierend...

  4. Fraggle Red 45 months ago | reply

    Bei deinen Bildern bekomme ich echt Lust auf eine Schottlandreise. Fantastische Komposition und Stimmung.

  5. Dave Berryman [deleted] 45 months ago | reply

    I like the view. The use of a border is a nice touch.

  6. Jewel~ 45 months ago | reply

    Nice shutter .

  7. H o g n e 45 months ago | reply

    Low hanging clouds and heavy rain can be much more interesting than vivid sunsets. I like this twin peak shot a lot - especially for the colors. Regarding the composition perhaps a fully centered view also would have worked. Very nice capture.

  8. James Duckworth 45 months ago | reply

    I think I am just over the other side of that ridge.... maybe you cloned my head out - dunno. This was a damp morning to be getting up so early and walking in the mountain side. Your image portrays that feeling very nicely. The saturated colours are true to the view. Now let's go eat a Scottish breakfast.

  9. artfromaf 45 months ago | reply

    Excellent tones.

  10. Yannick Lefevre 45 months ago | reply

    the grey sweet sky is a pleasure here

  11. rab mcbride 45 months ago | reply

    Very natural looking image Gregor - a very high technical standard

    (My Glencoe shot was made near the bridge)

  12. gregor H 45 months ago | reply

    I have started an open critiques discussion to this picture. www.flickr.com/groups/ngproinvitation/discuss/72157626987...

  13. Rafał S 45 months ago | reply

    I love the mood of this photo - very well captured sense of natural beauty.

  14. Take55555 (Taking a break) 45 months ago | reply

    You have certainly captured the Isle of Skye as I remember it: Wet and misty. Excellent composition.

  15. Philippe Sainte-Laudy 45 months ago | reply

    WoW!!! This is seriously good!

  16. M.Rathmann 44 months ago | reply

    Fantastic with the low hanging clouds. Striking atmosphere and nice lush green. I can see the panorama crop working, but perhaps with not so tight of a cut up top ... there is some interest to the cloud shaping to consider.

  17. Sebastian (sibbiblue) 38 months ago | reply

    Gregor, hier finde ich den Vordergrund sehr stark. Das Bild schein stiimmig in Farbe und Licht. Lediglich die Position des Steins im Vordergrund ist etwas ungewöhnlich. Ich bin mir aber noch nicht ganz sicher woran das liegt. Vielleicht wäre es harmonischer, wenn Du die Szene liks etwas beschneiden würdest, allerdinsg würde das auch die Dramatik des Himmels abmildern. Ein Schritt nach rechts order links beim Fotografieren hätte die Szene komplett verändern und ich weiss nicht, ob sie besser rüberkomme würde. Ich bin mir eben noch etwas unsicher, trotzdem eines der schönsten Bilder der Serie.

  18. Take55555 (Taking a break) 38 months ago | reply

    A classic image of Sky. Sadly, my experience of Sky also involves extremely bad weather.

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