Accidental Western Scene

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    Western looking scene at sunset in the splashing of water against a pier.

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    1. almadesnuda 34 months ago | reply

      It even looks like a grassy foreground, cloudy/hazy sky, and starry night. So dope.

    2. gregjsmith 34 months ago | reply


      Yes so do I. The water was splashing around and I only had a short time before it was wiped away.

    3. motman96 34 months ago | reply

      holy shit this is awesome! at first I saw the grime and it made me sick but then saw it for its artistic value and about fell in love with it.

    4. yammyhams 34 months ago | reply


    5. ThunderRoadPictures 34 months ago | reply

      That's crazy! Very cool shot indeed!

    6. Thiefree 34 months ago | reply

      Such a cool coincidence!

    7. kidneutrino 34 months ago | reply

      wah wah wahhhhhhh... I immediately heard the The Good, the Bad, the Ugly theme.

    8. 3cala 34 months ago | reply

      ha This is GREAT

      great find!

    9. The 2-Belo 34 months ago | reply

      Redditor here. Great work spotting this. Also, I'd like to congratulate you on, uh, the biggest view count I've ever seen. I have a boner right now.

    10. kennethx_66 34 months ago | reply

      Long Live Roland Deschain!

    11. gregjsmith 34 months ago | reply

      Yeah, the view count is beyond anything I would have guessed. I will submit more stuff to reddit, but this may be my one hit wonder.

    12. lacrymosarequiem 34 months ago | reply

      I was there recently, we live close by. The Ferry is terrifying in ANY wind... or... ever. SO, yeah. These steel corrugated things are on all the beaches of Ohio. We used to live in Reno Beach and they made a pattern of sand and steel.

    13. Tsureshon 34 months ago | reply

      You sure it wasn't one of us annoying kayakers? We are fairly likely to see a bunch of grime like that and decide to add a horse and 2 rocks... a kayak glove is a little like a dense sponge you can keep a little water in the material without it dripping all over the dock and a finger tip is capable of that level of detail without much skill.

      I don't want to ruin it... I'm just saying we are an odd bunch... this is done at kayak level and capable of being done with tools many of us would have in our kayak... and we spend some time near docks waiting for the rest of our crew to get their boats in the water. I see it as a possibility.

    14. ArchedRoof 34 months ago | reply

      I've just arrived here via PetaPixel. Fantastic stuff and a great eye you have Greg!

    15. M3R 34 months ago | reply

      so cool!

      -- (?)

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