Silver Anniversary New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run
About the New London to
New Brighton Antique Car Run held in August each year.

How it all began....... The New London to New Brighton Antique Car Run began in 1987 during New Brighton’s Centennial Celebration. The City added the Run to its calendar of events that year as a way of strengthening its namesake ties to Brighton, England. Complete with a visit by the Mayor of Brighton and other English guests, the 1st Annual Antique Car Run was held with 17 participants. The Antique Car Run is an American version of the prestigious London to Brighton Commemorative Run held annually in England. This grand daddy of runs began in 1896 to celebrate the repeal of the “red flag” law. At the start of the motorized vehicle era in the late 1800’s, automobiles, or horseless carriages, created havoc on city streets trying to mix with horse drawn carriages.
The red flag law banned the first motorized vehicles from using the road unless a man carrying a red flag walked in front of the car warning carriage drivers to hold the reins of their animals. Drivers celebrated the freedom provided by the red flag law repeal by jumping into their automobiles and driving “flagless” to Brighton. The Commemorative Run was born. Today, the London to Brighton Run is still held the first Sunday in November often in blustery weather commemorating this special day in English history. The Run annually draws over 400 cars from around the world and an estimated 2 million spectators to watch the running of the 57 mile trek between the cities.
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