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Elan Lee - Designing Magnets | by Greenwise
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Elan Lee - Designing Magnets

Designing Magnets - Connecting with Audiences in the Wired Age

* Elan Lee -


* Designs ARG's.

* AI - the film. One of the players sent Elan a wedding invitation.

* How do you design a 'magnet'?

* Pull, push and charge.

* Pull - Build something cool and people will turn up.

* Push- Project has to think outside of its own box - enter into a real world in a way.

* Charge - Project has to react with the participants to turn them into magnets - makes it more exciting and entertaining.

* Cathy's Book Project - novel for young adults - diary of a 17 year old girl. Torn up picture, put it back together, find a number on the back and then call it. MySpace page - birthday is invented. Someone sent her a happy birthday message on the page.

* I Love Bees Project - Elen was the art director on the project. Was 'Halo 2' for MS. Payphones broadcast the message - answer the phone and unlock part of the story.

* Edoc Project - clothing company "my clothes tell secrets" - Secret message in the items of clothing - get it wet, hot, fold it in certain way etc. Enter the code on the site - get a video and de-code the story/narrative. Clothes were the content delivery system.

* Last Call Poker Project - promotion for 'gun' videogame. Online poker site was haunted. Tombstone hold 'em - a game you play in cemeteries. Four types of tombstone - pointed, plat, curved and statue- these equate to the suits in a pack of cards - take the last number on a stone and that's the value. Lots and lots of people turned up. Rules of the game meant that you had to leave the place better than you found it - cemeteries started to invite people in.

* NIN - Year Zero Project - Album becomes the soundtrack for the interactive experience. Culminated in a secret underground concert. Open Source Resistance site - matched people with a message to a network - the contribution is in the form of artwork Network can be anything- a blog, or a college radio station, extra frames in feature films. This is the nature of the 'charge' system in action. The system needs to be charged - frequency of the charge is variable. People ended up getting tattoos.

* The medium has to evolve and be creative.

* To reach a younger audience - rock band and guitar hero attract an audience of non-geeks, they can engage. For ARG's to work they need to remove the geek from the equation. Make the book the interactive experience- Cathy's book tool the geek out of it. Video games aren't going to do that.

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Taken on March 4, 2008