Blow to civil liberties as PNR deal passes
Blow for EU citizens' civil liberties as hypocritical MEPs green light controversial EU-US PNR deal

A majority of MEPs voted today to reverse the European Parliament's long-standing role in defence of EU citizens' civil liberties and to endorse intrusive big brother style surveillance.

The positive vote on the EU-US PNR deal, which came in spite of the fact that fundamental concerns previously outlined by the EP and European courts have not been addressed, will mean US authorities will be able to continue to retain private information about EU airline passengers.

Before the vote, Greens/EFA MEPs and MEPs from the GUE/NGL group staged an action outside the hemicycle to try and convince other groups to reject the agreement.

In the end however, they were outnumbered by the decision of the Conservatives and Social Democrats to vote in favour.

Unable to amend the final text, Greens voted to reject the deal and hit out at the outcome

Read more about the outcome here (EN / DE / FR):
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