Sub-irrigated Garden
This is a small scale demonstration garden that displays the proven ability of sub-irrigated planters (SIPs) to save water, nutrients, time and in the long run your plants. It would work well on a patio, deck or urban balcony.

These SIPS employ the "Bubble SIP" method of supplying both water and oxygen directly to the root zone where it is does the most good. Tests demonstrate that SIPs save in the range of 70% of the water when compared to traditional "drench and drain" top watering.

There is a drought crisis in California. Why is the so-called "master gardener" community still admonishing home gardeners to "make sure your plant pot has a drain hole?" That is right out of the neo-Luddites gardening handbook.

Outdated advice like this leads to wasted water, nutrients and your valuable time. In the long run it also wastes plants. Top watering with drain holes is not a sustainable method of urban horticulture. Run-off is wasteful and often harmful to the surrounding environment.

Prove all of this to yourself. It is easy to do and applicable to either decorative or edible plants. The method is scalable regarding planter size and quantity of planters. I used smaller planters to fit the limited space available.

This demonstration garden will soon move to a more permanent location in San Diego. Contact me if you are interested in supporting this progressive urban gardening movement. Flickr mail or urbangreenscaper [at] gmail [dot] com.
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