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The Big Broadcast of 1936

Big Broadcast of 1936 is a film broadcaster of plenty of names and considerable entertainment. It hasn't much story, but the lack won't bother much.

Names are in and out as fast and as often as a firefly's tail light. There just isn't time for a 'plot', and probably best that none was attempted. Jack Oakie, Burns and Allen, Lyda Roberti, Wendy Barrie, Henry Wadsworth, C. Henry Gordon and a few others carry on whatever yarn there is and they play it lightly, as required.

You have to look quickly to see such names as Bing Crosby, Ethel Merman, Ray Noble's band, Amos 'n' Andy, Boland and Ruggles and Bill Robinson. These and other specialty turns are worked into the continuity via a crazy television gag.

Oakie is the slightly bankrupt operator of a small time station and doubles as the outlet's 'great lover'. Oakie does the spieling and his partner (Henry Wadsworth) the crooning. Burns and Allen come in with an ingenious and also nutty television contraption, invented by Gracie's uncle, which can pick up any event and also send. The plot flows in between frequent 'television' specialties, with the telebox the vital prop of the picture.


Paramount. Director Norman Taurog; Producer Benjamin Glazer; Screenplay Walter DeLeon, Francis Martin, Ralph Spence; Camera Leo Tover


Jack Oakie... Spud Miller

Lyda Roberti... Countess Ysobel de Naigila

Wendy Barrie... Sue

Henry Wadsworth... Smiley

C. Henry Gordon... Gordoni

Benny Baker... Herman

Mary Boland... Mrs. Sealingsworth

Charles Ruggles... Wilbur Sealingsworth

David Holt... Brother

Virginia Weidler... Little Girl in Hospital

Sir Guy Standing... Doctor

Gail Patrick... Nurse

Akim Tamiroff... Boris

Samuel S. Hinds... Captain

Chester Conklin... Sewer Worker




Amos 'n' Andy (Freeman Gosden and Charles Correll)

George Burns

Gracie Allen

Bing Crosby

The Dandridge Sisters

Dot & Dash (Fayard and Harold Nicholas)

Ina Ray Hutton

Ethel Merman

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

Bill Robinson

Richard Tauber


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