LS Army M3 Panther Fast Assault Jeep
The M3 Panther Fast Assault Jeep serves as the general-purpose vehicular backbone of Mechanised Infantry and Airborne Divisions in the Lego States Army, with roles including armed reconnaissance, perimeter patrol, convoy escort and infantry operation support.

The Panther's traces its lineage from the abortive FMC XR311 Experimental Attack Vehicle prototype developed for the United States Army in the 1970's, and seats three infantry dismounts, with one as the driver and a second manning the rear mounted weapon station in a dedicated rollcage.

A variety of weapons can be pintle-mounted on the jeep, along with their corresponding ammunition bins; these include the M240B 7.62mm General Purpose Machine Gun, the M2 Browning .50 cal. Heavy Machine Gun, the M134D Dillon 7.62mm Minigun, the Mk19 40mm Grenade Launcher and the BGM-71 TOW Anti-Tank Missile Launcher.

Developed as part of the Lego States Armed Forces' Combat Technologies Advancement Program (CTAP) and manufactured under contract by General Motors, the M3 Panther replaces the Humvee systems previously provided to the Lego States Army by the United States. The design trades survivability for greatly increased speed and manoeuvrability, as well as improved handling. Other features include an all-electric drivetrain, GlobalCom joint military communications and intelligence network integration, carbon nanofibre-enhanced aluminium armor and aluminium oxynitride windshields.

Optional accessories include detachable doors as part of an up-armor kit and light bars for Military Police variants.

2008 Version by Chandler Parker

2010 Version (Final) by Aleksander Stein Engvoll

Part of the Prometheus canon.

Based on an official Alpha Company Forums LEGO Military MOC Community model (Aleksander Stein Engvoll, Chandler Parker, Robin "GreenLead" Chang, Dave Luna, Jake "ShockAndAwe" Foley and Zach Brown)
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