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    1. dustpanalley ages ago | reply

      Good lord that's a cute puppy!

    2. *blythe-berlin* ages ago | reply

      ;) cute like a baby!

    3. Green Kitchen ages ago | reply

      Yes, that puppy was soooooooooo cute.

      *Puppilottchen* Funny you commented on this photo, because the old man is/was German -- he just passed away recently. He was a very kind soul.

    4. becktress ages ago | reply

      And look at D. So skinny!
      Who's puppy?

    5. Castanet ages ago | reply

      aw. warm photo :^)

    6. *blythe-berlin* ages ago | reply

      hm, maybe it´s because I love puppies, or maybe I felt "this little german-touch" in the photo?? anyway it´s a lovely picture, which touches my heard - and who can resist two men with a pupper? ;)


    7. Green Kitchen ages ago | reply

      beck: yes.

      oldround: I know. He looks so young and hairless. ;)

      castanet: During a blind-date-ish 4 hour car ride alone, he mentioned something about how he loved his dog and her big brown eyes. It was the first insight into how nice of a person he is. Before that he was just some macho-looking dude -- and not really my type.

      Puppilottchen: You should check out the link in the post about when I lived in Germany.

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