Green Boar Organic Fairtrade Green Tea, Tea Bags x 25
Our tea comes from Zhejiang Province in South East China. It is organically grown. It is Fairtrade licenced.

It’s bright and fresh to drink, it’s refreshing. It’s leagues beyond those other bitter green teas. It’s wonderful.

For convenience, it’s in a tea bag, with a string and tag. In an envelope. The tea bag isn’t bleached with chlorine ! That is why we are proud that the tea bag is not white.

Furthermore, the tea bag made isn’t made with non-biodegradable with Nylon, or GM corn starch silky mesh.

The Soil Association told us that we soon wouldn’t be able to use the organic symbol on those silky meshy tea bags.

It’s a plain paper filter tea bag with excellent quality organic and fairtrade green tea in.

We have 25 tea bags in our box – that’s more than most. And the price is competitive too, including those extra 5 tea bags.
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