S2S BioBlitz 2013
These are a collection of photos from the Slopes to Summit (S2S) BioBlitz held at Woomargama, NSW, on 6/7/8/ September 2013

Slopes to Summit (S2S) is a conservation partnership of the Great Eastern Ranges Initiative, one of Australia's largest conservation projects stretching 3,600kms along the eastern part of the continent.

S2S is governed by a working group of nine research, NRM, and community based organisations who work together to combine knowledge and resources for targeted delivery of biodiversity conservation actions.

This was the second BioBlitz that S2S has run and is a great way of engaging local people in taking a closer look at the diversity of wildlife in the area.

Woomargama is a special place for biodiversity in the region. It contains significant patches of Box Gum Woodland on private land scattered between Woomargama National Park and Benambra National Park. The area contains many threatened species and is a priority landscape for S2S.

Many landholders in the Woomargama area manage their properties with biodiversity conservation a priority, reflected in a high participation rate in Landcare and Murray CMA projects, as well as strong uptake of conservation covenants administered by the Nature Conservation Trust.

For more information about Slopes to Summit (S2S) please email Sam Niedra at sam@nct.org.au
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