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Harvest Home Bread Sale

If you have the misfortune of following my mouthy ass you already know that I spent a significant portion of Saturday's equinox elbow-deep in flour'n'yeast observing Harvest Home the best way I can: by baking some magic mothereffin' bread.


After taking a share for my own personal practices - which I'll be boring you with at a later date! - I have a few loaves of the Ceres-blessed honey and whole wheat bread to spare for your personal practices! I strive to use local, organic and Fairtrade ingredients that are both friendly to animals and environment in all of my cooking, this bread being no exception.


This particular batch'o'bread uses: Scottish tap water, yeast, local honey, organic bread flour, goat butter and sea salt. The bread's suitable for vegetarians, although is obviously haraam to my Muslim friends. Due to being hella, hella fresh all Harvest Home loaves - whether large or small - can be frozen for later use. The miniatures? Are perfect offering/communion size.


If you want to know a little more about these magical motherfuckers before nabbing one for yourself please take a second and refer to some of Saturday's journal entries, specifically:


Awaiting Resurrection, On the Threshold of a Knuckle, (Honey Whole Wheat Bread & Omani Frankincense), (CARB-FUCK BEAST SATED), 3:44 AM, Ceres Blessed-Stamped Harvest Home Bread and Honey'n'Whole Wheat Miniature Loaves.


* * * * *


#01 (1 X 660g loaf @ £3.00) = £7.30 or £6.50 - SOLD!

POSTAGE: £4.30 (first class), £3.50 (second class)


#02 (2 X 100g mini-loaves @ £1.00) = £3.70 - SOLD!

POSTAGE: £2.70 (first class)


#03 (2 X 100g mini-loaves @ £1.00) = £3.70 - SOLD!

POSTAGE: £2.70 (first class)


* * * * *


I use my trusty digital kitchen scale and Royal Mail's price finder to determine shipping. If either are wrong in their calculation I'll immediately refund any difference; I hate being overcharged for shipping, so I won't pull that shit on you. This bread won't survive international travel, so this small sale is limited to UK residents. (Next time, internationals - I promise!)


To nab yourself some of my Ceres-blessed honey'n'whole wheat Harvest Home bread all you gotta do is contact me. Email's preferred (please contact me at: graveyarddirt{AT}gmail{dot}com), although a private message or a comment is fine. Please let me know what you're after, and what email address I can send a PayPal invoice to.


Due to the perishable nature of this sale I strongly recommend all buyers to promptly pay for their bread so packages can be sent as soon as effin' possible!


Any questions? Don't be afraid to ask.


(Correlating journal entry: HARVEST HOME BREAD SALE at MS. GRAVEYARD DIRT)

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Taken on September 24, 2012