• Standing stone!
  • Standing stone!

Havest Home Offering I

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Is it criminal that we haven't been back to the semi-local standing stones since walking to them for the first time earlier in June? (YES, PROBABLY.) In June it was effort - it was a fucking EXPEDITION - that had us cutting through sopping wet cow fields, hugging the linear trail of dashes along the sides of country lanes, receiving shocks from electrified fences and cutting through fields of growing wheat as summer's morning sun beat down on us with a crazy amount of ferocity for six in the fucking morning.

But now? But now we have a car - A CAR! AFTER NEARLY TEN YEARS! A FOR REAL CAR WITH FOR REAL WHEELS AND A FOR REAL ENGINE AND A FOR REAL GAS TANK - and the Scottish countryside is my oyster. (<- Hence the lack of quality posting recently. First we were sick, then we were having country sex in historical settings (OH, NEOLITHIC MONUMENTS AND ANCIENT CEMETERIES AND IMPOSING SCOTTISH CASTLES) and THEN Harvest Home hit and I've been scrambling madly to try and retain a quickened pace of urgency to ensure all of my proposed activities, celebrations and rituals come to fruition.)

(Correlating journal entry: HARVEST HOME OFFERING at GRAVEYARD DIRT)

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  1. Prairiekittin 67 months ago | reply

    I've always wanted to go to Scotland! My ancestral family is from there. Keep on posting pictures!!!

  2. LeszekZadlo 67 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Lovely villages, fields, meadows, swamps, lakes & forests, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  3. ~Syxx~ 67 months ago | reply

    This is beautiful!! I adore the feeling this place has, LOVE to visit there someday..amazing!! <3

  4. Ms. Graveyard Dirt 67 months ago | reply

    Scotland is A+ grand. Seriously. I kind've sort've took it for granted when I first moved here (when I married my Scottish husband we decided to stay right here instead of relocating to the USA), but with each passing year I grow fonder and fonder of my new home.

    * * *

    Done and done! Cheers for the invitation to post the picture, I really appreciate it.

    * * *

    This is just one of MANY circles and stones around here. For whatever reason the region we live in - Grampian/Aberdeenshire - has the highest number of monuments per, well, however they judge distance here, heh! Unfortunately A LOT of the circles were torn down long, long ago and only fragments remain. The majority of "circles" we've come across are either a lone stone standing in the field or partially resurrected circles (where one or two stones are original, but the rest were added much later). Now that I have a car I'm keen on hitting EVERY EFFING STANDING STONE in the near vicinity!

  5. ~Syxx~ 67 months ago | reply

    YES! You must drive everywhere in search of these sites, when I had my car, it was the first thing I did too haha! Then I had to sell my car :( But I will again someday!

  6. Ms. Graveyard Dirt 65 months ago | reply

    ~Syxx~ says:
    YES! You must drive everywhere in search of these sites, when I had my car, it was the first thing I did too haha! Then I had to sell my car :( But I will again someday!

    A CAR HAS BEEN GOTTEN! And I've already begun familiarizing - and sussing out - local stones and circles. There's a few books I need to nab on Amazon about Scottish cemeteries and neolithic monuments so we're fully prepared for next year's country exploration. (YAY! I need a map so I can tack locations because I'd ALSO like to hit various castles, ruins and holy wells.)


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