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Oh my. Where to begin. This is it, I suppose. The last and final. The end. Something that I never thought I would finish. Something that is, truly, one of the only things I have finished in my life. A project that started as just an attempt to further my skill as a photographer, but that turned into much more. A journal of sorts. One that mapped out my year. A roller coaster, at that.


I'm not going to even begin to attempt to make this description short. I have so much to say. And so many people to thank.


This year was one that tested me on so many levels. One that introduced me to so many people. One that took me to places that I really, could never have imagined going. One that furthered my relationship with Christ to an extent that I never could have dreamed. Things change, and that's what I've realized. This year was that, and continues to be. Full of change. It showed in my work, I hope, and the ups and downs of everyday life were what I strove to capture each day.


Honestly, I sit here typing this description just attempting to hold it all in. Maybe that's a bit ridiculous or overboard. But this project means more to me than I ever truly could have realized when I started it that first day in the forest. And you guys here on Flickr have been there every step of the way. It means so much to me. I'm not even sure how to describe it. I can vividly remember the days that I almost quit, and as I sat in the hospital a week or so ago scrolling through each photo in the set with my mom, I can remember bits and pieces of every day that went into this project. But to know that even when I was temperamental, and would abruptly turn everything off in hopes of actually finding a reason to continue on, your comments and messages were what kept me going. To know that there were people out that continued to care about my photos was all I could possibly ask for. So thank you. Really and truly.


Thanks to my family. For being there for me and giving advice. For their encouragement. And for their never-ending will to help me in whatever way needed to get my photo done. I know that I freaked out time and time again when things weren't going as planned. But you were there for me and that's all that mattered. So thank you.


I don't even know where to go with this. Other than to just continually say thank you to everybody. To my friends and to the people who were so interested in this project. I love you guys.


Everything is ending, it seems. Friends heading off to college, and now this. It's depressing, really. And as much as I want to say I won't miss this project. That is absolutely a lie. This thing was my life for an entire year. It was what I woke up thinking about, and went to bed planning for the next day. What I daydreamed of in school. It's going to be weird without it.


So, this is not farewell. I'll still be around and I won't quit shooting. I cannot thank everybody enough. The support that I received cannot be matched, and ah. Thank you. Really. From the bottom of my heart. I'm not sure what my next step in life is, how could we ever, but I have faith that it is good. This is the end of one thing and the beginning of another, whatever that may be. So until next time. Thank you. To everybody.


We can shape but can’t control these possibilities to grow. Weeds amongst the push and pull waiting on the wind to take us. We can write with ink and pen but we will sow with seeds instead. Starting with words we’ve said and we will all be changed.


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Taken on August 16, 2011