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I was setting up to photograph a lupin and I noticed a bee going for the nectar. The bee started at the bottom of each lupin and spiralled up to the top and then flew to the next one. I just waited until one of them picked my lupin.


I have a Nikon F5 and one day I was shooting sports with a friend and he was astonished at how fast the camera performed. He couldn’t believe that my camera could should faster than his could focus. It is true that the F5 is a beast but I pointed out to him that all cameras are fast if you know to set them for speed. Avoid all the electronics and they are fast. In the case of this image I used manual mode and set the focusing manually using hyper focus. This bypassed all the electronics of the camera with the exception of shutter lag. The shutter lag of a D300 is so small I don’t think a F1 Driver has fast enough reflexes to beat it. This way the camera could give me a true 6 frames a second if need be.


Remember most of the time exposure doesn’t change all that fast and without wind a flower doesn’t move enough to require constant refocusing.

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Taken on June 13, 2009