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Verticality Vertigo | by Grandgi
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Verticality Vertigo

Plus haut barrage-poids du monde niché au fond du Val des Dix, la Grande Dixence est le barrage de tous les records ! La hauteur de son mur, 285 mètres, reste inégalée. Son poids, environ 15 millions de tonnes, le rend plus lourd que la grande pyramide de Khéops.


The Grande Dixence Dam is Situated at the head of the Val des Dix, Grande Dixence is the highest gravity dam in the world, and something of a record-breaker! The height of its wall, 285 metres, remains unmatched. Its weight, approximately 15 million tonnes, makes it heavier than the Great Pyramid of Cheops.


Each year it stores over 400 million cubic metres of water, a capacity achieved by the use of no less than 6 million cubic metres of concrete in its construction. With exactly the same quantity of concrete, it would be possible to build a wall 1.5 metres high and 10 centimetres wide, running all the way round the equator!


The dam is 200 metres wide at its base.


With the primary purpose of hydroelectric power generation, the dam fuels four power stations, totaling the installed capacity to 2,069 MW, generating approximately 2,000 GWh annually, enough to power 400,000 Swiss households.


Construction 1950-1961

Commissioned from 1961

Height 285 m

Crest 15 m wide, 700 m from bank to bank

Capacity 400 million cubic metres

Area 4,04 km2

Length 5,3 km

Catchment area 46,3 km2

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Taken on August 21, 2012