Maxi-CAR Timeline
Maxi-CAR hubs were made from 1946 through 1999
Before that MAXI and CAR were independent.

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MAXI: 1930~1950
Made by E. Depalle in St. Etienne
ID: Cup+Cone with screw on dust caps
Std hubs + 3 types of Drum Brakes
Steel Pre-war / Alu Post War ??
C.A.R.: 1930~1940
Made by Charles-Albert Ripet in Lyon
ID: Cartridge bearings
MAXI-C.A.R. 1946~1999

Type 1: 1946~1950
Riveted Flanges
ID: No "lightening" holes in flanges
MAXI-C.A.R. stamp in barrels

Type 2a: 1950~1962
One-Piece Hub Shells
ID: Spoke holes in flanges only
"MAXI-CAR" stamp in barrels

Maxi-Car (Sp?) 1961
Type 2b: One-Piece Hub Shells
ID: with "lightening" holes in flanges

Type 3: 1962-1980
ID: adjustable annular bearings
Red Maxi-Car sticker on Barrel
oversize axles, double labyrinth seals

1960 Depalle retired -> le Decolletage Rationnel
1976 le Decolletage Rationnel -> Rousson-Chamoux

Type 4: 1990-1999
ID: Trumpet shape
1990 Shells forged & machined instead of fully machined

RFG QR Skewers often found with Maxi_CAR hubs because they were both manufactured by the same company ROUSSON et CHAMOUX, based in Feurs, about 30 kms north of St Etienne.
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