Campground: Indian Garden (CIG)
Indian Garden Campground (CIG), located along the Bright Angel Trail, is a beautiful

riparian area filled with cottonwood trees. A small creek passes through on its way to the Colorado River.

To camp in this campground you must obtain first a backcountry permit.

Indian Garden is 4.8 miles below the South Rim. Indian Garden has a ranger
station, emergency phone, year-round potable water, and toilets. Mule trains stop to rest on their way to Phantom Ranch. Day hike destinations include Plateau Point (with panoramic views of the Colorado River).

Plateau Point is 1.5 miles ( 2.4 km ) beyond Indain Garden. This is a strenous day hike that takes from 8-12 hours. The total round trip is 12.2 miles ( 19.6 km ) The change in elevation is 3,195 feet ( 974 m )
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