HVAC Systems
Project: Rehabilitate HVAC Systems in Fee Management Office and Visitor Interpretation Center - Shrine of the Ages(multiple projects)

Project overview: This project includes rehabilitating the HVAC system at the Fee Management Building on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon. This project will correct health and engineering problems with the current heating and ventilating system. This will greatly improve the work environment for park employees resulting in improved employee performance and morale. Installation of a new HVAC system will allow for the demolition of a non-historic addition to this building. Removing non-historic elements will result in a more enjoyable visitor experience of this historic resource.

This project will also include rehabilitating the interior of the Shrine of the Ages, a visitor interpretation center on the South Rim. The interior is in great need of paint and repairs. This project will assure a clean, presentable and comfortable environment for all visitors and residents to enjoy both in winter and summer. It will also assure handicap accessible laws are followed and provide for a safe approach to the facility.
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