District Six
These photographs were taken on a hot December day in 1967, in Cape Town's District Six. The camera was a black finish Nikon F plain prism fitted with a Nikkor-H 50mm f2 lens and a Y2 filter. The film was Agfa-Gevaert 513 motion picture stock, ISO 80, rated at ISO 320 and processed in Acufine. I used a Norwood Director exposure meter for incident light readings, adjusted according to my own judgment. The negs were scanned on a Minolta Scan-Elite 5400 film scanner.

District Six, for those who are not familiar with South African history, was named the Sixth Municipal District of Cape Town in 1867. Located to the southwest of central Cape Town, which evolved around it, the area became, by modern standards, a slum which occupied prime land. Originally established as a mixed community of freed slaves, merchants, artisans, labourers and immigrants, District Six was a vibrant centre with close links to the city and the port. By the beginning of the twentieth century, however, the history of removals and marginalisation had begun, with the consequent decay.
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