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Mid 2007

I joined Flickr to share my railway photos with any interested people. Flickr also became an off-site backup for digital photos.

Mid 2013

All photos here now copied to Ipernity.

All new photos are being added to Ipernity.


I originally started in photography to record the decline of use of steam locomotives. This was as a support for my main interest of riding on or behind steam. Interest in things rail was at a low level from the early 70s to the early 90s. My photos in this period mainly reflect opportunities in the course of doing other things. They picked up in the few years I worked for the FreightRail/FreightCorp division of the NSW Railways. Interest again waned but has increased after starting in digital in 2006. I hope to slowly add scans from earlier times, having just bought (05/2008) a print scanner. Scanned slides will get here one day... Rail photos were taken for and are displayed here for their rail merit. Post-processing is minimal. Any photographic merit is a bonus.

Have obtained a V700 scanner (03/2012). Now to learn to get the best out of it...

Don't hesitate to ask for additional information about the photos. Corrections and additional information welcomed.

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Railway Locations

Railway Locations

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