Group Exhibition -- June 2016

Hair is a collection of protean proteins: a dead strand attached to a living root, a chemical archive, an expression of cultural and personal identity, a remnant both beautiful and grotesque, a signifier for biopolitical control, a gift for sentimental attachment, and more.

GRAFT presents a group exhibition exploring the many meanings of and uses for hair.

Michael Bell
Shanice Bloodbloom
Jessica Chao
Candice Corgan
Jazmyn Crosby
David Cudney
Diana Delgado
Kristin Diener
Haley English
Andrew Fearnside
Erin Fussell
Bryce Hample
Beth Hansen
Abbey Hepner
Sean Hudson
Marya Errin Jones
Natalee Maxwell
KaiLani Mayer
Cecilia McKinnon
Chloe Miller
Valerie Roybal
Jackie Riccio
Angelia Santistevan
Sallie Scheufler
Serena Stevens
Chelsea Wrightson
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