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Logo for Libyans and Americans United for Friendship and Peace

I made this logo (incorporating hands for peace, the dove, the olive branch, and the pomegranate blossom (which is the national flower of Libya), for a group on facebook promoting peace. Many people, including me, are worried about the possibility of more war between the US and the Islamic countries in the Middle East. Many devout people were deeply offended by the scurrilous movie Innocence of Muslims, which seems to have led to the assassination of Ambassador Stevens in Libya. Peace-loving people here and in Libya do not want war. I do not blame all people of a particular group for the actions of a few, and I pray that others will not judge all Americans by the actions of a few, either. I am a Christian, but I refuse to hate others simply because they don't necessarily believe as I do. One of the most important commandments of the Christian Bible is to love our brothers--and we are all brothers.


This is a CC licensed work, so please use it freely if you'd like.

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Uploaded on September 19, 2012