Happy Dragon Year!


I made this papier-mâché mask years ago for a school play. I let the kids in the classroom where I was working as a volunteer help me with the mask. They were responsible for gluing on the sequins, and I must say, standing over this while more than twenty children glued on a few sequins at a time was not the most enchanting experience I've ever had. Perhaps it wasn't for them, either, but I suppose it broke the deadening boredom of the typical school day.


I've been waiting for an excuse to photograph the mask ever since it appeared in the two performances it was used in for almost twenty years ago. Thank goodness that the Year of the Dragon is finally here.


If you'd like some music for this most powerful of years, please go to the following address to hear Patrick's original four-hand-guitar composition:


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Uploaded on January 24, 2012