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An original design completely created in Adobe Illutrator, this is the comment and invite icon for my Poets, Pixels, & Prose group. I hope any of my friends who add any type of poetry of prose (either original or quoted) to their photos will join this group


Poetry at Play


In my poetic ration

I like a little alliteration;

Award it ample admiration.

And as for astute assonance,

I am enamored and entranced--

Enchanted by its sweet romance.


Ruskin’s pathetic fallacy

Sounds Shakespearean to me;

And when the lonesome wind moans

Over the hard-hearted stones,

Or chaste stars in their vestal choir

Sing vespers with pure hearts afire,

Or if a world-oppressing sun

Sets his fusion gun to stun

Then I sit back and watch the fun.

And I applaud when words escape

From their restraints

And break Houdini-like

Out of their padlocked cage;

Or if they sing a sweet swan song,

I am enraptured and amazed;

And as they take their final bow

Upon their paper stage,

I throw red roses at their feet

Before I turn the page.


If it knows to never mix it up,

Sly metaphor cannot be beat

(Except to death perchance),

But it must be careful,


And neat,

Know when

To step its measured dance,

And when to take its seat.


And as for rhyme . . .

I like it almost all the time.


Taken from Elementa, 2008

Faith Goble

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Taken on April 28, 2008