Larry the Wary (and poem)

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you. This is the principal difference between a dog and a man." (Mark Twain)


Larry was rescued three years ago this spring. He was a stray and badly in need of a good home, and my son brought him to my house after he found this little beagle lost and starving in the woods. I already had two rescued dogs and was hesitant to take another, but I couldn't resist Larry's sad little doggy face--and so, Larry found a home in my crowded household.


Now, Larry is happy and well-fed, sometimes a little too well-fed, perhaps! He's a little sweetheart except when the other dogs get near his food, then he turns into the creature from The Thing. This photo of one of this woman's best friends made Explore on April 3, 2008.


Larry (In honor of April, National Poetry Month)


Larry is a beagle,

And Larry loves to eat:

Eggs and cheese and pasta

Are all such doggy treats.

Crackers, bread, and pumpkin pie

Are always welcome too,

Potato soup is pretty good,

And heaven is beef stew.




Well . . . Christmas;

Leftovers are not left long,

The ham and turkey hit the spot;

Fruitcake won't go down wrong.


Now Larry's shape reminds me

Of one he'd just adore--

A rounded, little sausage

Who always begs for more.


Faith Goble

April 12, 2008

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