My little friend

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    Pine Siskin male
    (Carduelis pinus)
    Portland OR. U.S.A.

    This little bird lets me get up to 5 feet away from it. Every time the shutter goes off she/he cocks it's head but doesn't get scared of me.

    Yesterday I was changing the feed in one of the hanging feeders and right behind my head this smarty was on a branch chattering at me as if to say "thanks" for the fresh food. He came down immediately after I stepped away

    1. Geyser Gary 97 months ago | reply

      What is it? I can't find it in my bird book.

    2. electra-cute 97 months ago | reply

      Geyser GAry...I'm trying to figure this one out too. THe yellow on the wings keeps throwing me off.

      I have considered Cassins Finch and Housefinch as well as the purple finch...but the banding Doesn't seem to match up. I'll keep looking!

    3. electra-cute 97 months ago | reply

      Got it is
      Pine Siskin male
      (Carduelis pinus)

    4. Geyser Gary 97 months ago | reply

      Oh man. I turned right past that page in my book at least twice and didn't notice. Thanks. Now now need to get one of these in my yard.

    5. electra-cute 97 months ago | reply

      I did the same thing Gary. I joined a Flickr group called
      Field Guide: Birds of the World and the members ID'd it for me. It's a fun group if you like taking bird pix and need help figuring out what the heck you saw...LOL!

    6. Judybec 97 months ago | reply

      we have pine siskins here in the east too....I'm in Pennsylvania . The field guide bird group sounds interesting... I'm off to check it out! thanks.

    7. teekaygee 97 months ago | reply

      Nice shot. My pine siskins are pretty bold, too. I just love them; they are such pretty little birds. Around here it seems they always show up when the goldfinches do.

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