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Ajar {Explored}

"A new road or a secret gate." J.R.R. Tolkien


Looks much better on Black


Thanks so much for my sixteenth EXPLORE! July 4, Highest #3


My Brother and I went for a walk yesterday evening and on our way through the local countryside we spotted this derelict house down an old road. I knew that if the light was right I had to get back to it and this afternoon we travelled back...and it didn't disappoint! It had this wonderful old rusted gate, incredible old benches and windows and lots of outhouses to explore. I've now found out it belongs to a local businessman and had been in his family for nearly a hundred years.


This isn't one of my favorite captures but I've uploaded it simply because it's so far away from what and how I usually shoot. My Project 52 is about exploring my capabilities and challenging myself, and this image is here to remind me of this....


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Taken on July 4, 2012