Victoria Garden Mews
Project Overview
Victoria Garden Mews LLC sets itself apart from other projects that say they are "Green" by offering the following:
•A model infill project in the heart of downtown Santa Barbara. Shops, restaurants, entertainment, farmers markets, recreation, and public transportation are all within easy walking distance.
•A super tight building shell; interior temperatures vary only 1-½ 0 in 24 hours irrespective of outdoor temperatures.
•Compliance with Santa Barbara City parking requirements via innovative use of hydraulic car lifts that reduce vehicle paving footprint to a miniscule 2% of the total lot area.
•A Victorian home and multi-unit building that are energy efficient.
•Aging in place features including green elevators accessing each residential level including garages and basement.
•Superior indoor environmental quality through use of non-toxic products, optimum noise reduction and good ventilation.
•Summer cooling provided by moveable awnings, good cross ventilation and Casablanca ceiling fans.
What makes this a very special GREEN showcase development?
•The sun is central; space heating from passive solar design, electricity from photovoltaic panels and hot water from solar thermal units.
•100% of lumber originates from sustainably harvested forests (FSC certified) and all concrete uses a 50% fly ash mix.
•100% fossil fuel free except for minor use in back-up space heating system.
•100% of rainwater retained on site through collection and reuse, bioswales, and infiltrators.
•Integrated with nature: uncommonly large garden courtyard in a dense urban setting with productive trees, flowering shrubs, a bee hive and abundant birds.
This new multi-family, green residential development, located in the City of Santa Barbara, CA, received a Platinum LEED for Homes certification for each building.
This project is a model for green residential building in southern California. These residences demonstrate how homeowners can conserve energy, natural resources, and dollars by adopting and using the latest in green technology and products. Green showcase tours provide product demonstrations by sponsors and offer visitors the opportunity to learn the latest about energy efficient and environmentally friendly building products, appliances, hardware and services.
There are four residential units on the site. The property includes a single-family Victorian style home, replicating the original home on the property, and three high-end residential units. Parking requirements are met by a garage for eight vehicles, stacked on two levels using hydraulic lifts to conserve space and reduce the concrete footprint.
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