Layered Desktop Dark

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    An incredible productivity boost.

    Get the full size version and set it as your desktop background. Make sure you select a *centred* layout instead of *stretched to fit*, or the fine lines will be blurred.

    Use it to organise your icons in groups, like:

    - the paper area for work stuff;
    - the aluminium plate for personal projects;
    - the wooden desk for yet to be categorised elements, like finished or in-progress downloads.
    - the post-it for urgent elements.

    The image works well with displays up to 1440px wide and up to 1024px tall, in either standard or wide aspect ratios. If you have a bigger screen, I hate you :-)

    See it in action here or get the light version here.

    If someone's interested in remixing this, please contact me for the original PSD.

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    1. hsmit_81 77 months ago | reply

      Nice, but as windows puts new files at the left top of the screen it would be nice if the table-part is on the left side. Can you make a mirror version?

    2. k0ugs 75 months ago | reply

      Saw your work featured on lifehacker. Would love to see the PSD file as I have a dual widescreen setup at the office. Thanks!

    3. Gabriel Radic 75 months ago | reply

      Sending the PSDs trough Flickr Mail right now.

    4. Gabriel Radic 75 months ago | reply

      @hsmit_81: Sorry, but you'll have to do it on your end, I'm sure it's a straight forward thing to do.

    5. kbaradanikto 75 months ago | reply

      Hey Gabriel,
      I LOVE this wallpaper.
      Found it when it was featured on Lifehacker.
      I just upgraded my monitor, and the original file works ok, but I was wondering if I could acquire the PSD files to tweak it a bit.
      Thanks in advance!

    6. teamluong 75 months ago | reply

      Can I also get the PSD? It's a great wallpaper and would like to make one that fits my resolution. Thanks!

    7. Gabriel Radic 75 months ago | reply

      @kbaradanikto, @teamluong You've got Flickr Mail.

    8. Benjamin Cahill 75 months ago | reply

      Could you send me the PSD also? Thanks!

    9. Gordon Carpenter-Thompson 71 months ago | reply

      Could you send me the original PSD ? (for the dark + light if poss)

      Many thanks!


    10. Jones K 71 months ago | reply

      I would be thrilled if you could send me the PSD for the dark version?

      Many many thanks :) love your work

    11. syntheticentertainment 71 months ago | reply

      if you can send me the PSD of the light and dark versions that would rule :)


    12. jfallo 71 months ago | reply

      Can you send the PSD to me as well? Thanks so much!
      flobester at yahoo dot com

    13. Jayden Sia 71 months ago | reply

      requesting psd.


    14. closetosomethingreal747 71 months ago | reply

      Would love a psd copy as well!

      wm.andrew.wilson at gmail dot com

    15. hyperlaxe (and far beyond) 70 months ago | reply

      hey there! Cool design but very manly...
      Would love a .psd version to make this a bit more feminine!


    16. BKM_BR 69 months ago | reply

      Can you send me the PSD files please?

    17. infiniteview 66 months ago | reply

      Hi Gabriel,
      If you have a chance, I would love a copy of the PSD, as well. Sending through FlickrMail is fine. Thanks!

    18. nØllan09 66 months ago | reply

      would also like a PSD ^^

    19. krzyzanowskim 63 months ago | reply

      for windows users need to be mirrored vertically ;) But it's really great stuff.

    20. boris_golbrayh 41 months ago | reply

      Can you send me the PSD files please? Thanks!

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