"Set in Philadelphia" (SIP) Screenwriting Competition Awards Reception 2016
On Wednesday, October 19th 2016 at the Ruba Club, the Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) hosted the “Set in Philadelphia” Screenwriting Competition (SIP) Awards Reception to announce the winners. The “Set in Philadelphia” Screenwriting Competition (SIP) is proudly presented by the Greater Philadelphia Film Office under its Greater Philadelphia Filmmakers program with awards sponsored by The Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, Comcast & NBCUniversal and the Derek Freese Film Foundation. In attendance of the awards reception were SIP award sponsors, screenplay judges and readers, winners and past winners such as the 2014 SIP Grand Prize winner, Jennifer Yee, who announced the 2016 SIP Awards Grand Prize recipients.

“For the fifth year in a row, we are proud to sponsor a $5,000 prize for the ‘Set in Philadelphia Screenwriting Competition,’” said Ellen Berenholz, Senior Director of Tax Policy at Comcast, who has helped give out this award on behalf of Comcast each year. “Philadelphia is our hometown, and we believe in supporting initiatives that highlight all this great city has to offer.”
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