Graflex Series D
All of these were taken with a circa 1915 4x5 R.B. Graflex Series D single lens reflex camera that I restored. It is one of the first SLR cameras in the history of photography. Mine (purchased on eBay for $125) had a weak mirror return and non-functioning shutter, so I had to strip it down and take it apart to make adjustments. In the process of tightening tension rods and the like, I decided to rip off the old dark leatherette and sand and stain the beautiful wood underneath. I also stripped all the black paint off the brass hardware and shined it up. I modified the front standard to accept a large lens board (in addition to the original one) mounted further out to use vintage barrel lenses of longer focal length. The great thing about this camera (besides the Revolving Back = R.B.) is the focal plane shutter that allows me to strap on just about any barrel lens I want. And speaking of strapping on, I finished the mod by adding lugs for a groovy guitar strap.
The inspiration (and confidence) to attempt this restoration comes from fellow flicker friend Brian Cuyler, who has a smaller version of the same camera and turned it into a work of art.
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